Friday, November 28, 2008


Ok, it has been nearly a month of our self-imposed quarantine.

Let me countdown the top 5 "you will never let them do this again" chickenpox boredom cures:


The breakfast in question was a well balanced combo of halloween candy, hummous and green beans, served to me, in bed, while watching Toy Story (a long time personal favourite).


So, I thought this was a great idea. What better way to keep them quiet and recuperative than to play movies, all day, back to back while they lay on my bed and eat. Please understand, the boys RARELY watch TV, movies or anything resembling TV or movies...we did this in an attempt to protect them from the insidiousness of corporate commercialism and to help them develop an imagination.

The reality of the situation was that after an hour of silence (while I was happily relaxing on the main floor, reading my new favourite Author Stephanie Meyer) the boys came tromping down the stairs, COVERED in about $150 of "Bare Minerals" makeup and most of my new lip-plumping gloss (Guess what Mama? It tastes like CINNAMON!!!!!).

Damn imaginations.


I realise that on first glance #3's title does not conjure up images of distaster...but let me ask you this: WHY did I teach my boys to use SCISSORS?? Smooch cut his own hair, then obliged Noggin (who needs all the hair he can grow to cover his huge cranium), all while I tried to have a 5 minute private bathroom break.

Note to self: NEVER again close the bathroom door.


Why I allowed them anything with the word BOMB in the title is beyond me. These brightly coloured bath treats tint the water, but not your body...unless you use an entire package while your Mom goes to get your jammies.

Enough said.


Let me start by thanking Gymboree for making such vibrantly coloured face paint crayons. The boys found the face paint somewhere (I am still not sure where because I thought I threw them out shortly after we received them) and decided that we should take turns paiting each other's faces.

Not to detract from my earlier Thank-you, but just a note to other parents...Gymboree Red is permanent (who needs tattoed makeup?), while Gymboree Black is demi-permanent and when scribbled around the delicate undereye area and removed with cold cream, resembles a black-eye for approximately 9 days.

So...all in all, the Chickenpox, while not the itchy, feverish illness of legends (at least not here), has been a barrel of fun around here.

Noggin may still be contagious, so come on over!

Monday, November 24, 2008

With a pox pox here and a...

Noggin has the Chickenpox.

I am not surprised in the least as Smooch's spots showed up in the night two weeks ago.

I noticed Noggin's first two spots this afternoon as we were cuddling on the couch.

He is quite proud of them and pulled his shirt up so Daddy could see when he arrived home from work. We're hoping that his case is as mild as Smooch's was...nothing but the spots, really.

We've chosen not to vaccinate the boys, at least for the time being, and have been hoping they would catch them sooner than Iam so glad that within the week, it will be all over!

Lifetime immunity is a wonderful thing!