Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kick 'em when they're down....

Why is it that some people insist on adding insult to injury?

A friend in crisis asked for help during a difficult and emotional time. Someone she did not know, who had never met her proceeded to go off on a lengthy tirade, criticising her choices, making judgements based on little to no information. She labelled her relationship with a close family member, blaming her for all the trouble she is experiencing.

Why are some women so incredibly eager to judge and give their opinions about things they don't understand?

Why do they compare, snub and kick each other when what we really need to do is pick each other up, dust each other off and understand that we're not all that different?


Said 'Negative Nellie' made amends by admitting she did not have the whole story and APOLOGISING!!

There is something very special about someone being humble enough to recognise when they have done something wrong, admit it and apologise. The healing begins....

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