Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So, this morning, like many days in the past 6 months, Parker decided he wanted to stay home.

In the past I have fought him on this...after all, he is only 6.

This week I decided to start to seriously consider homeschooling...seriously.

We picked the best, most holistic, laid back school we could find (the kindergarteners drink herbal tea and have hand and foot rubs before naptime everyday...Seriously!)...we were looking for the next best thing to homeschooling and we actually found it in the Calgary Waldorf School...but it just isn't right for Parker.

I know. Everyone keeps telling me that it is a rite of passge, school, and that he needs to go so he can learn social skills and how to function in the world. But...The thing is, he functions great in the world. He makes friends really easily - just not at school.

What takes him forever to do at school (and becomes a long drawn out, negative process) takes 15 minutes at fuss, no muss. When we play with friends he is calm, happy, well-behaved...from what one of his teachers was saying, he is socially "awkward" and doesn't understand social cues.

How can a kid be happy, funtional and well-liked at home and in his own social circle, but struggle so much in Kindergarten?

It all seems seriously strange to me...and SO not worth what we have been paying to send him there.

We applied to a local Charter school and will hear next week if he has been accepted...but, to be honest, I think we have made up our minds.

I think we're homeschooling...seriously.

Heaven help me.


Jenn M said...

Good luck Lisa, I know if there is anyone who can homeschool it's you.

Lots of resources out there, lots of resources in Calgary.

Good luck!

And as a side. thanks! my legs are so much better today.. loved the massage and Sal was actually not in pain when he woke up :D

Jo-Ann said...

I never thought I would have to fight my 6 yr old to go to school. I thought that would be the fight we had 10 yrs down the road. Sure makes for an awful day, doesn't it?

You know what is best for you and Parker. Follow your heart.

Angela said...

Homeschool is a wonderful option! We are going to be starting homeschooling this fall, which I suspect will continue for many years. I will be attending a convention in Red Deer mid April, as well as a trade fair in Calgary, in May.

Kris said...

I have very strong feelings about homeschooling. THe kind of feelings homeschoolers don't like other people to voice. That being said, you have to do what is right for you and your family and I support that absolutely.


Mama J. said...

I get that homeschooling is not for everyone...but it does have a time and place.

In this case, Parker is 18+ months ahead and has sensory integration disorder...those two things make it really difficult for him to cope in a large group (a - because he is way ahead of the other kids and b-he is overwhelmed by all the stimulus around him).

I just want to give him the time to grow into himslef and learn some coping skill...I tried putting him in school and it didn't work.

Not to mention that I am sick and tired of clueless teachers who can't tell the difference between SID and ADHD and feel like they know it all...ok, here I go ranting again.

I will stop.