Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beautiful Day!

WHAT a beautiful day!

I have no idea if I am feeling so well because I am getting better or if it's because Alan and I are going away for a few days for our 10th anniversary...ALONE!

We have never gone away together since having kids. Not even overnight. So this is a really big deal for us... even though we are just going here.

I have a dear friend who is amazing with kids and she has agreed to take the boys for a few days.

I told the boys yesterday, so it wasn't a big surprise... Liam cried on his bed for nearly 30 minutes...:(... I decided that I had to figure out some things about staying at Debbie's he would find exciting.

Our conversation went a little like this:

ME: "Liam, did you know Debbie has two teenage daughters? They know how to read and will read you stories!!!!!"


ME: "Debbie has Two DOGS!!! I bet you could help take them for a walk!"

LIAM: "But I WANT to stay with YOUUUUUU!!!"

ME: "Debbie has a HOT TUB!!!!"

LIAM: "*sniff* Really? But you will be gone too long!?"

ME: "Did you know Debbie's husband is a Police Officer?"

LIAM (no longer crying): "REALLY????!!!! Does he have a GUN?".

I think he is over it.


Jo-Ann said...

Oh have a great time!

Angela said...

Enjoy your time! I'm trying to plan some alone time with hubby soon... we both need the break!

Oh, Happy 10th Anniversary!

Sara said...


Jennifer said...

Hehe! Have a great time!

fullfreezer said...

Oh, have too much fun! My husband I took a weekend in Chicago last year without children. My parents came to stay with the children. It was heavenly and did so much for our relationship.