Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life-coaching Part 2...long post.

So, my coaching session was pretty good, great actually.

Hanna really focused in on what it is that we expect to FEEL in our new home. She wanted to identify three main emotions that we feel a new home will bring us.

I identified a desire for freedom; in that we would like a home that is OURS, that we can do with what we want. Paint, renovate, have a dog, plant trees, bushes, a garden...whatever. For some reason I find light also very freeing...I would like a home with a lot of light.

I also identified peace as one of the emotions. We live in the inner-city. It is loud. It is busy. Our home is very small and we do not have a lot of personal space. I think having a place to go to do our individual things when neccesary would bring a large measure of peace. I would also enjoy being a little closer to nature. The lone Tamarack tree in our yard is GLORIOUS, but I would like hundreds... nature has always been a part of how I relax and let go of stress and I think it is good for kids to grow up with trees and wildlife... I did and it has contributed to who I am.

Love is the third emotion I identified. Because we resident manage, our schedule is unpredictable. Add into that MY job and Alan and I rarely get to spend time together. When we do, we are exhausted and usually folding laundry. Moving from here into our own home will open up 2-3 nights a week for us to be together as a family. I crave more time together as a family. I also deeply desire the space to have extended family and friends in our home. I grew up in a close-knit extended family and miss spending holidays and special occasions together. We try in our home, but 12 people in our tiny living room is challenging.

Hanna also suggested performing a ceremony...sending all of our desires out into the universe...asking for what we want and then living the life we desire, emotions and all, knowing that the house will be there.

We had planned to do something like this to celebrate Summer Solstice on Sunday (Father's Day)... strip the boys down and let them dance naked in the moonlight and BELIEVE that it is we have a little more direction and and focus...we are going to do it!

My question for you is this: What do YOU desire? What three emotions can you see yourself feeling when you acheive this thing? What are you doing now to achieve it?

More to come...perhaps with pictures!


Jennifer said...

What wonderful direction this is taking you! Have a blast in your ceremony. I hope that all these things come to you soon.

Kris said...

I desire to be free of worry about my health. I suspect once I get there (if I ever do) I will feel less burdened with conscious and subconscious worry. Hopefully.

I think your goals are great (although I have to admit "freedom" isn't the word I associated with our first home purchase. Good luck with that can do it!


Mel said...

Great post!

Welcome to the Sisterhood...enjoy your Ride!!

~brightest blessings~