Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy few weeks.

So, it has been awhile since I posted. You know what summer is like... a blur of weekend trips, BBQ's and family visits.

Alan had 11 days off and we purged our little home, reorganised and streamlined the is much better. We had a little impromptu visit with my Mum and Doug up at their home on Pigeon Lake, followed by a full day at the new (ish) Castaway Bay Kid's water park area at West Edmonton Mall Waterpark. It was LOVELY! It is perfect for kids aged 3+. The boys, always attended, did not even need to wear lifejackets! Liam ran up to the top and came down the waterslides all on his own and Parker went down most of the adult waterslides...with a few exceptions.

Saturday we drove out to Drumheller and spend several hours at the Dinosaur museum...the boys LOVED is really an interesting educational experience. We spent most of the evening hanging out with some c-moms friends at their annual campout. We did not stay the night, but we did enjoy the visit and introduced some nice people from Austraila and New Zealand to the wonders of smores, Jones style.

Yesterday saw us prepping the soil and laying sod in 1/2 of our yard. It is a 10x10 foot patch of grass that we don't use much because the grass had been poorly maintained for decades. Now it is lush and green, perfect for bare feet and picnics!

The opposite side of our lawn is approximately 13x11 feet and will be done in the next few weeks when the grass is ready to be enjoyed. The entire yard will only cost us $100 worth of sod and fertilizer (with a whole lot of elbow grease).

Alan is back to work today and the boys and I spent the day with friends at Arbour Lake. We dug in the sand, enjoyed some sun and paddled around the lake in a paddle boat.

It has been a busy but lovely summer so far!

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Jo-Ann said...

Isn't summer just insanely busy?

We took the boys to the museum last summer and have been begging us to take them back. We hope to do that maybe in September with a late camping trip.

Good for you guys doing the lawn yourself! I have a feeling Craig would want to do it all from seed... thank goodness we don't have to do that!