Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lovely evening... longing.

We went for a long bike ride this evening. It was so nice.

We saw a young buck deer with velvety antlers, a jackrabbit and, of course, a number of dogs... all of whom strained at their leashes to come play with our boys!

I haven't had a proper helmet for years. I have a ginormous head and have a hard time finding a helmet to fit. The other day, in Winners no less, Alan found me a helmet that fit perfectly!

Tonight after dinner Parker annunced that we were going for a ride... all of us!

Liam rode the trail-a-bike, happily, for the first time. He has always preferred the baby seat on Alan's bike, but he is growing up so much and making so many gains, I was hardly surprised when he opted for the bigger, more exciting option!

Parker rode his new bike, of course. He is a pretty confident rider and I was proud to see him zooming along, aware of his surroundings and following instructions.

I trailed behind them a little, watching all my men happily.

The wind was cool and gentle and refreshing and the sun slowly set in the West. I saw the sky glow a beautiful apricot colour behind tall pine trees.

One thing I truly love about living in Wildwood/Spruce Cliff is the quiet, small-town feeling. The houses are older and the trees are mature and stately.

When the wind blows you can almost imagine yourself in a forest... so quiet.

It is times like these that I long for home... The solitude. The silence. Acres of untrodden snow. Wild berries and windy paths.

I am so blessed to have been raised in such a beautiful place... but always, I long to be there.

Some nights I lay in bed looking at the silhouette of the tall tamarack on the drapes in my bedroom... when I close my eyes, I am 8 years old again, walking, unafraid, in a field of wildflowers.

I am free...

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Jo-Ann said...

Oh I understand your longing...until winter time hits. I think I am more suited for the solitude in a warmer climate like Mexico. :)

Glad you enjoyed your bike ride. I have the opposite problem, I have a rather diminutive head 9but large brain lol) and find I have to move to the children's section for certain items such as hats and glasses.

Just remember, small head...big brain...