Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keep it to yourself!

So, the Joneses have colds... all of us.

Liam spent the whole night, sharing my pillow, facing me, coughing in my face. It was lovely.

I am a miserable, miserable person when I have a cold. I don't sleep and I don't believe in sharing my germs, so I stay home, which in and of itself is misery-making for me.

Which brings me to the whole point of my post - Do you go to work and socialise when you are sick?

If so, WHY!? Why do you do this? I am mad at you. The world will go on without you if you choose to stay home and get well. WHY!!!!???????

If not, Thank you very much for keeping your germs to yourself... you are a wise and benevolent person.

Please excuse me now, while I go wallow in OTC drug-induced self-pity.


Vals Quilting said...

Hey Li, I totally agree...remember when I was so sick last year and had a business trip - spent the entire time blowing my nose - god it was awful - so people stay home when you are sick!!

Kris said...

My sentiments exactly...I couldn't have said it any better. Big's complany will send you home these days with a reprimand if you dare enter the building even looking remotely ill. He has been at home way too much lately as a result. I never go anywhere so I KNOW it'snot me bringing this crap home. GAH!

Jo-Ann said...

Yup. Have a fever, stay home.

Only problem is you can be contagious days before you show any symptoms.

Hope you and your house are feeling better soon.