Thursday, November 26, 2009

Free Range Mommies... How Cell Phone Holdouts Are Right: Buy a Phone, Become a Baby by Lenore Skenazy

I love this article... it is so true.

Cell Phone Holdouts Are Right: Buy a Phone, Become a Baby by Lenore Skenazy on - A Syndicate Of Talent


Jennifer said...

I have to ask though.... what about the "mom everyone here has been drinking and I need you to come get me." ?

I think we need to be more in control of how it changes us.

Mama J. said...

I think having a cell phone is one thing, but when it disrupts conversations and life, that is something else entirely.

Also, what age do you think is appropriate to have one??

I know people with kids in elementary who have them...:(

Jennifer said...

I agree Lisa. Not sure what age is the right one to start. I do know some kids at Riley's school who have them to call their parents when they get there. With both parents working and the child having to get there on their own. That is truly sad.
I also agree that it should disrupt conversations and the life going on around you. There is a time for everything.

Jo-Ann said...

You know I am a big fan of Lenore and of Free Range Kids and I whole heartedly agree with this article.

Beyond being rude to be always on the phone (I think the live person in front of you should get priority) I do believe it has made us second guess our judgments and our decision making. And given kids the license to change their plans without a second thought. I over heard some girls on the playground the other afternoon deciding to go somewhere else then where they had told their mothers. They said to the one hold out, you can just call your mom later on my cell phone and tell her where you are. Not even a second thought as to maybe changing plans last minute would be a concern.

Not sure when my boys will get cell phones... but it won't be anytime soon.