Sunday, April 20, 2008


There is nothing like starting the day wedged between a 3 year old, who insists on sharing your pillow, and a 5 year old with sleep apnea who snores like a bandsaw. You should try it!

It was in such a position I found myself this morning.

Deciding that I, too, wanted to sleep comfortably, and realising there were several perfectly unoccupied beds down the hall, I decided to take action.

Carefully and gracefully I extricated myself from the jumble of limbs, blankets and stuffed animals and wiggled down to the foot of the bed.

Looking back I realised why I'd been so crowded. My dear, kind and very deaf husband was sprawled across more than his half of our ample-sized bed. Leaving the remaining space for me and two preschoolers.

The boys room is a quiet, cool place. Soft music plays all night. An ever-changing glow-lamp casts a myriad of colours on the wall and ceiling. The best thing about it is that...yes, it is empty.

Snuggled into bed, it didn't take long for me to drift off...and it took even less time to feel the inevitable poke on the cheek.

Noggin wants a cuddle and I am, technically, sleeping in his bed.

I move over and make space while he gets comfortable. He has his own pillow, but prefers to share mine. I open my eyes to see him staring at me, inches away.

He giggles and closes his eyes.

In moments, we are both fast asleep, again.

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