Friday, April 25, 2008


Potty-training a 3 year-old is, after the last few months I feel like I would rather put hot sauce in my eyes.

Noggin has been stubbornly resistant to using the potty. He likes the warm sensation of a load in his pull-up. He doesn't notice the plants wilting and other children fleeing from him in record numbers.

The last couple of days he finally seems to be clueing in. He sits on the potty and pees...don't ask about the other business...I don't wish to discuss that.

I have been using bribery on him, of course. "Noggin, if you do a poop on the potty, Mama will give CHOCOLATES!!". He gets 1 Chocolate for a I figured I'd better up the ante to see if it brough about some results for the messy stuff.

So far, nada.

This morning he sat on the potty for 20 minutes, got up, put on some undies and announced "Mom, I have PEE on my foot!".

Any parent who has potty-trained a child dreads these kinds of statements. We know what they mean - Pee on foot=Pee on floor. Pee on floor=Pee down hallway.

Basically there is just pee everywhere.

Noggin opens his bottom drawer and selects a pair of waffle pants because they have dogs on them. He slides them on. 5 minutes later he announces "MAMA...I'M LEAKING!"

I mistakenly answer; "NOGGIN...go leak in the POTTY!!".

I hear him pad down the hallway and realise too late that he is leaving wet footprints on the tile.

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