Sunday, February 15, 2009


So, we have been sick, here in the bliss house, since November.

Yes, I wrote all about our adventures in poxland...lovely stuff. That little lark was closely followed by the "OH MY GOD...I think I want to die" influenza that Alan so kindly bestowed upon me. Actually, he stayed home for a week and slept, passed it on to me and then went back to work on the Monday morning while I lay in bed with a fever of 103, chills and rigors.

I had to bribe my 6 year old with yogurt and wine gums to wipe his 3 year old brother's bum because I literally could not walk. (Yes, I am currently awaiting my "Mother of the Year" award. I will let you know when it arrives...should be any day now.).

We managed to avoid tha lovely stomach flu/projectile vomitting, explosive diarhea bug that seemed to show up at all of our friend's homes all through November and December.

Turns out it was just waiting until the morning of Smooch's 6th birthday party to rear it's ugly head.

So, after the boys vommitted on various beds, carpets and my expensive, 'hand-tied and tufted by little girls in remote villiages' Pakastani hallway runner, I convinced Alan to drive to walmart and buy an upholstry cleaner. I have no idea how we survived this long without one. It is a wonderful thing.

So...that seemed like the end of it. We all got well, there were no bodily fluids expelled on any piece of furniture for days and days and then Noggin developed a fever/cough that lasted over a week...stopped eating and dropped 10% of his body weight.

I have been feeding him cheese and nutrigrain bars to try and get him back up to the 39 lbs he was at 3 weeks ago...I am just slightly worried about the poor gaffer.

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