Sunday, February 15, 2009

Toothaches and dentists and Hamsters...OH MY!

Ok, so, someone pointed out to me that I haven't blogged in awhile...actually, awhile is since November, so back into bliss I go...

Smooch had a toothache in early December. We had him booked in with a pediatric dentist in February, but he was complaining about his tooth hurting so we took him to our regular dentist. I could forsee this being a challenge, so I had to think of something big...HUGE...with which to bribe him.

I promised Smooch that if he co-operated with the dentist (who actually had to do a a mini root canal) that we would go directly to the pet store and buy him a hamster.

Smooch was the most co-operative pediatric pulpotomy patient in the history of me the thumbs up, periodically, to stop my from crying and tearing my hair out.

As promised, we drove directly to Petland.

I had no idea that hamsters required so many accessories;

Habitrail Ovo Studio Cage - $65
Hamster food/wet tail medicine - $13
Shavings/Chew toys/Salt lick - $12
Old grey hamster - Free with purchase

Having your 6 year old stop crying about his tooth hurting = Priceless


Jenn M said...

Glad to see your blog restarted :D

Jennifer said...

Yes! I agree with Jenn. Glad to see you back in action!