Monday, March 9, 2009

Laughing gas

Ok, have I ever told you how much I LOVE laughing gas??

I LOVE it...seriously...I wish I could get one of those big tanks for personal use (like when I need to take the edge off because the boys painted each other's faces with sharpie markers...true story, I swear).

I became intimately aquainted with Nitrous Oxide during the 31 hour labour and delivery of Smooch. We were happily reunited during the much shorter L&D of Noggin.

Well, today I watched Smooch giggle his way through several dental proceedures.

After choosing a grape flavoured "elephant nose" and slowly allowing the nose to be lowered on his nose he proceeded to give us the thumbs up...about 2 dozen times in half an hour...all the while, giggling about the strangest things. I giggled because he gigled and it was a really nice trip to the dentist...very entertaining.

I highly recommend Dr. Kari Stein ... her team works like a well-oiled machine, she does not do unneccesary proceedures (she actually billed us $200 less than her projected amount because once she got in, things looked better than she thought!) and she is fun and caring.


Jennifer said...

Your post made me giggle. ;o)

Sara said...

That is great that you have a good dentist. And I love laughing gas too. :)

Kim said...

My kids have had the laughing gas too...oh and they will have it again in a few weeks to get more fillings. I love that stuff!!! It's great how they just laugh and giggle through the procedures :)

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