Sunday, March 22, 2009

More gardening

So, I know there is 25 cm of snow outside. I tried to will it away today, but it hasn't worked... so far! I am in a full 'start your seeds indoors', gardening frenzy.

We have planted 5 different varieties of tomatoes, including these, called "Golden Queen":

We also planted scarlett runner beans...thay have taken off in such a big way that we will need to set up a trellis indoors and slowly take them out on warm days to harden them off.

We planted purple carrots:

Sevreal different varieties of Coleus
And beets of course...
Now...if this snow would all melt, we'd be a good shape to start!!!


Angela said...

I'm interested in how your carrots do... I've never thought of starting them early, would have thought they would be difficult to transplant! We started a bunch of seeds today, still have more to get going though LOL.

Mama J. said...

I transplant them into increasingly large seems to work fine.

We had to build a trellis for the beans