Monday, March 30, 2009


So, we are sick over here...Liam was up all night coughing Saturday night...I woke Sunday with the beginnings of a cold and Alan and P are sniffling...we are out of coryzalia and I am a little cranky...the only thing keeping me going this morning is looking outside at the beautiful sunrise!

Recently my thoughts have turned to a choice we all have. To look at life positively and with hope, or to choose not to see all he good things in life and fall into despair. I know despair is a strong was the best description of the lack of hope that I could find.

I chatted with someone yesterday who seems to have lost all hope for her life. No matter how many positive things I said or how often I reminded her of her blessings, she turned it around and made it a negative thing. I left the conversation feeling so uneasy and unhappy for her. It was clear that she was missing a fundamental part of her psyche... it unnerved me.

My life has not always been easy. I have struggled and lived through things I hope to never experience again... but I have never been devoid of hope.

I try and find joy in the small things in life; my children and their funny senses of humour, the kindness of my husband, laughter with good friends, sprouting seeds, the sun shining and reminding me that today is a new day, with a fresh start.

What keeps you going? What brings you joy??

What are you grateful for today?


Jennifer said...

Hi Lisa!
Sorry to hear your all sick. What a year for sickness it has been.
I try to always look for the positive in every moment. Sometimes that is harder than other times.

Today I am grateful for my family. We are all healthy and happy. I am also thankful for the challanges my children lead me too, it keeps me on my toes.

Thank you for asking questions to get people thinking about the good in life.

Angela said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon, this has been an awful year for colds.

What keeps me going is my wonderful Husband, and children. I am grateful for the future, it is bright and wonderful... something I look forward to every day.

Kris said...

Definitely my family...although sometimes I think they will the death of me too...hehe! It makes me sad for your friend. I hope she makes it through ok.