Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bath or shower?

Are you a bath person or a shower person?

I predict that many people will answer that BEFORE kids they were bath people and AFTER having kids they became shower people... at least that is what happened to me.

It seems like one day I lounged for hours in the tub with a good book, was exfoliated and shaved and smelled great and the next day I hadn't showered in three days, could braid my leg hair and smelled like sour milk.

With the boys now somewhat independant I have decided to revert back to my pre-shower days... I am going to enjoy a nice soak. Bubbles. Smooth, hair-free legs and BOOKS...oh, yes... there will be books.

I think I am going to start...tonight!


Sara said...

I love baths, although I don't take as many as I used to. I try and get one a week in though. Actually, today I am making some homemade milk bath and a few other various goodies to enjoy in the bath.

Mama J. said... to share some recipes?

Sara said...

I have a couple on my blog. I'll add a few more soon. :)