Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dream Boards

So, anyone ever done one?

I am going away this weekend (I know, again) for a retreat with a group of good friends. I am thinking of taking a portion of one of the days to complete a dreamboard. I have invited my friends to join me as well.

I know everyone has dreams... everyone is striving to find balance in their lives and to attract things, comfort, friendship, health and most important, happiness.
It can be easy to get side-tracked by life's everyday challenges and change your focus from things you truly want from your life, to settling for what your current situation is... and feeling stuck is frustrating.

I know this. I know this with all my heart, but I have been allowing things to get in the way and it is time to change direction and start to focus on things that are truly meaningful.


Jennifer said...

I have one from high school. But not since. Sara may have. Have a great time. Hope your dream board become a reality!

Jenn M said...

Very cool. It's always great to get your priorities on paper..

Sara said...

I've done a couple of dream boards over the years. Yours is lovely... and I hope you get all you want from it. :)

Mama J. said...

The ones I posted actually belonged to other people...:o!

I will post mine next week...;)