Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bloodwork and echoes and hearts...oh my!

So, I have been feeling kind of crappy for awhile.

I've been tired and my hair is falling out (this happened after the boys were born) and I have been having some strange indigestion and shortness of breath so off I went almost 2 weeks ago to my doctor.

I figured it was my thyroid...or that the type 2 diabetes everyone has been talking about had finally caught up to me...but after my initial bloodwork it turns out that all those things were fine.

What was off were my CBC (complete blood count) and Sed-rate. My doctor became quite tight-lipped and at first told me it just meant something was wonky...then he said it indicated an inflammatory process in my body...then, after some intense questioning on my part he admitted that it could likely be an auto-immune disease and wrote out a new blood work requisition and asked me to rebook for three weeks later.

He did not, however, listen to my heart and lungs or take my blood pressure.

My indigestion kept getting worse and worse and nothing I took helped at all...and, despite my better judgement, I looked up Auto-immune diseases and spoke to a friend who is a medical professional.

Everything seems to point to Lupus... and with lupus, there is often cardiac involvement...and then it dawned on my that the indigestion I was feeling was rather high up in my chest (sub-sternal).

The end result was that I spent the night at the Rockyview hospital (they admitted me because I was having chest pain, difficulty breathing and my normally low Blood Pressure was 146/110.

Apparently I have pericarditis. I am supposed to be having an echocardiogram in the next two days and possibly a pericardiocentesis (they stick a long needle into the sac surrounding your heart to take a sample fo the fluid there to see if it is caused by a virus, bacteria or other cause).

I just don't understand why my doc, whom our entire family has seen for over 5 years, didn't take a few minutes to listen to my heart and lungs, or to ask me any other questions?

So, my question is this; are you happy with your family doctor?


Kris said...

GAWD...that is a fantasticly crazy blood pressure (compare it to my abnormally low one at 90/64) I am so glad you went in. I hate your GP on your behalf with the firey passion of the devil. You know my opinion about doctors right now...6one way half a dozen the other. I am glad you got some good care while there and got some answers. Take care of yourself and keep me posted.


Jo-Ann said...

Oh no Lisa! Thank goodness you are finally getting some answers. How terrible to have to wait til things are so bad.

Are you still in hospital? I will be thinking of you and sending prayers for good health your way.

Jennifer said...

Oh Lisa! How scary. Glad you were able to finally get some answers. I have been bouncing from DR to DR. I find a good one then they move to BC or MAN. So no, I am not all that impressed, but what can you do nowadays. Sorry you had this terrible scare. Hope everything gets sorted really soon! {hugs}

Angela said...

I'm glad to hear you finally have some answers! It is hard to find good Dr's right now, and even when you do, they (as anyone) will have their off days. Good luck.

Sara said...

Lisa, I am so sorry you had to search on your own so much and that your doctor didn't check things out better. I'm glad you finally got some answers though. We have lucked out and found a doctor who even goes overboard when you think something might be wrong. I am thankful every day for him. Good luck with everything. xx