Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Potty training - Part Three what is up with Liam?? He has been potty-trained, with very few problems, since last fall.

The last week he has peed his pants 4 times and done the messy stuff once!?

How does a 4 year old just FORGET how to use the toilet??

Do I need to start reminding his and taking him myself?

Has this happened to you before?

What did you do?


Amber said...

That happened to me too...with my second son. I just encouraged him through it the way I did the first time and tried not to get too angry when I had to clean it up again and again. It was a short phase that 3 of my friends' kids were going through at the same time, at the same age.

Good luck!

Mama J. said...

That is good to know...I have been really frustrated but today I just put him on the potty without asking him if he needed to far no accidents. It seems like he is just to into what he is doing and puts it off.

Parker did that but he was 3, not 4.

Good to know that other people have been through this too...I was starting to think that he was traumatized or acting out... but I can't think why.

fullfreezer said...

One of my boys did that at around 4 but not the other. My daughter, for a while I thought she would be going to school in a diaper since she 'forgot' so often...but she figured it out.