Monday, May 18, 2009


So, our 3 day escape was wonderul!

I'd forgotten what it was like not to have to do something because someone else wanted you to.

Alan and I arrived at Blackstone around dinner time on Thursday... we made Chai lattes with the lovely Tassimo *S* gave us, ordered Panago and popped in a movie. We were so tired, we didn't want to go anywhere or do anything.

Saturday we both enjoyed an hour massage, followed by 30 minutes of Crainal Sacral Therapy and a pedicure. I fell asleep during the cranial sacral treatment and actually woke myself up, snoring...:) The therapist was very nice and told me what I tell anyone who snores during a treatment "No worries, we take it as a compliment!".

The pedicurist was a lovely, 40-something, German Lady. We chatted about the differences between Germany and Canada... she preferred Munich because Calgary was such a "small" city...:)

We then drove to Banff and spent the afternoon shopping, ate at Barpa Bills (Banff's best Burger) and enjoyed the release of "Angel's and Demons"... which not only turned out surprisingly like the book, but painted the Catholic Church in a reasonably positve light, after all was said and done. Having grown up Catholic, it always bugs me when they try and make Catholics out to be crazy. Even though there was a crazy priest in the movie, the basic chuch was quite interesting.

Saturday we ate breakfast at Starbucks (try their yummy!) and then shopped in Canmore for a few hours before spending the rest of the day laying on the deck chairs at our hotel, reading and relaxing. It was SO warm, we were in our bathingsuits!

My normally pale, freckled skin actually has a bit of colour!

There were many families staying at our hotel and they all seemed to enjoy the pool! We polled half a dozen kids who looked around our boy's age and have decided that the boys would enjoy coming with us on a weekend getaway sometime this summer.

Saturday night we read/watched movies/ate/slept and just basically relaxed.

Sunday morning we packed up and arrived home to get the house ready for the boy's return.

While we were away, Parker lost tooth number 3! Liam spent his entire sleeping hours wrapped around my friend's neck and my dear friend had a reminder of how "on" you have to be with a 4 and 6 year old. She was great and the boys were well cared-for.

I feel refreshed and happy and look forward to the week!


fullfreezer said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time away. It sounds heavenly!

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