Monday, May 25, 2009


So...Have you had your vitamin D checked before?

I just did and apparently, I have none. This is a problem, but one that is relatively easy to fix.

I am currently taking 4000iu per day of D3...and i have not had chest pain since I started.

I am feeling so relieved. Vitamin D deficiency causes all kinds of things...hypertension, muscle pain (including chest pain), headaches, depression....the list goes on.

We have just come out of one of the longest, darkest winters in years (at least 10, maybe more) and I am so happy to feel the sun on my skin again.

We sat at Edworthy Park the other day and there were children playing and peole laughing and visiting and it was warm and the was beautiful.

Oh I've missed you.


Jennifer said...

So glad your feeling better Lisa!
I too am enjoying the sunshine. Makes soccer season that much more pleasant.

Jo-Ann said...

Hope you continue to feel better and the sun continues to shine. I love the sunshine!