Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The garden

I am so excited! After all that snow and cold and rain I worried that my sweetpeas were never going to come up, but this morning I spied GREEN poking out of the dirt. We won't be here to enjoy them while they are in bloom this year, but I will drive by and peek.

My ranaculus are sprouting, finally. This is my first year for this plant and I am excited to see all the colours! Here is what it will look like when it blooms:

It is supposed to make a beautiful cut flower and I LOVE to have fresh flowers inside. I am hoping they smell better than my beautiful (but malodourous) Shasta Daisies.
Once I cut and arranged a lovely vase of them for a sick friend. I brought them inside to tie a ribbon around the vase and thought that, perhaps, Alan had forgotten to take out the garbage. I was wrong. Shasta daisies are lovely and grow like a dream, but they smell horrific.
I left them out on the step and had many compliments from visitors
I would like to experiment with some native plants in our new place. I am cosidering Alberta Wild Roses, Wild Sage, crocus' from the Ranch and wild strawberries.
Anyone have experience working with native plants? Any favourites?


Jo-Ann said...

What do you mean you won't be here when they are in bloom? Gosh, I really do feel like I have been in a coma. :)

Mama J. said...

We are planning to move into our own home in July...:)