Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New hobbies!

I have taken up a new hobby!

I have always been interested in terrariums. Alberta is such a dry place that many types of plants do not thrive here. I also have little time to care for plants, so it was a natural fit.

Below are a few I have made over the past few months for myself and for good friends!

What are YOUR hobbies?? Have you found that they are different than those you had before kids?


Jennifer said...

Those are stunning Lisa! How much do you charge? :o)

Jo-Ann said...

I love the one with the little cabin in it! So sweet!

Mama J. said...

Yuki's son won it! I donated it to her WEBC dinner...:)

Mama J. said...

Jennifer, I have a facebook group...prices start at $15 for little bitty ones...:)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Lisa. I will have to chat with you once my crazy summer settles down. :o)