Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hammock Heaven

I have wanted a hammock for SO long. I layed down in one somewhere once and it was so great that I haven't stopped thinking about it.

Today is Thursday and the flyers arrived and what do you know...Canadian Tire has a lovely rope hammock on sale for $24.99. I had to have it.

Alan installed it between a corner post of our fence and the lovely Tamarack in our yard... with a few adjustments (to stop my bottom from grazing the grass) and I was in hammock heaven!

Liam and I cuddled under one of Parker's silks and read this month's 'Chirp' magazine (thanks Mom!), then Parker decided he needed some quiet hammock time and we left him alone to relax (mostly alone...I had to take some pictures...:D).

If you have a quiet spot between two trees that you don't know what to do with, I'd highly recommend it.

Looking up

Me, relaxing.

Feigning sleep because I asked him to...:)

Parker, relaxing.


Jennifer said...

That looks heavenly!
I have to say Lisa, that picture of you is wonderful. You look stunning.

Enjoy your hammock!

Mama J. said...

THANKS Jennifer!

It was a bad-hair, no makeup maybe I have been trying too hard.

Sara said...

I think I may have to go out and get myself a hammock too. Looks heavenly. And I agree, the picture of you looks lovely. Such a beautiful woman you are, inside and out. xx

Jennifer said...

I think sometimes we all try to hard. You look very fresh and relaxed.