Monday, June 29, 2009


Yesterday saw us reorganising our kitchen/dining-room. We have a TINY, poorly laid out pantry (closet) in the kitchen and never know what is in there.

We purchased a new "pantry" and decided to move all our pantry food items into there. All our pots, pans and small appliances will move into the old pantry and hopefully this will result in a new, streamlined kitchen.

Alan also installed our air conditioner last night. We'd assumed it wouldn't fit into our new windown, but we pulled it out yesterday and got the loveliest of fits perfectly!

Since the house did not go through, we have decided to stay here, for the time being, while we search for another, more suitable house. I insisted that we had to make things more comfortable and Alan seemed to have no objections to that.

Now to renovate the library (read: stairwell)...;)

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