Sunday, June 21, 2009

Solstice activities & Father's Day

Last night, at 11:46 our time we smudged each other in the yard, held hands and sent it out there...the feelings that we will feel in our new home, what we needed and what we want.

It was calm and warm outside, a nice night for wishcasting. I can still faintly smell the wild sage on my skin this morning... like a reminder of what wonderful things are coming.

I am up early this morning. The boys are still asleep and I have just assembled my first "wife-saver" casserole. Of course, due to the fact that Liam is mostly vegetarian and he and I don't handle dairy well, I had to switch it up a bit. I layeed homemade honey whole wheat bread with fresh blueberries, then whipped up an egg, cinnamon, vanilla mixture in the blender and poured it overtop. I finished it up with cinnamon, brown sugar and butter...all things Alan loves.

Which brings me to my next point... Alan.

It has been 10 years of marriage for us this year... some of those years easy and some hard, but all of them have been so GOOD.

He is an amazing Dad, so active with the boys, and a wonderful husband... always giving me the space I need to figure life out.

I know, at times, I am not the easiest person to live with... I am a Gemini and therefor am changeable and constantly looking at new interests. But, when I knit a hat, or stamp a card or make a terrarium, he is my biggest fan... what a guy!

Thanks for being you today, Alan... hope you like the casserole.


Jennifer said...

Awesome Lisa! I wish good things for you as well. Did you make your own smudge?

Mama J. said...

This one, yes. There is a lot of wild sage growing in and around Calgary. A lot of people like sweetgrass, but there is something very nice about sage.