Friday, June 19, 2009

Wreck this Journal.

So, last night was my 35th birthday party.
Me and 10 friends went to a local "shi-shi" French restaurant, with amazing food called the Laurier Lounge. They reserved us an entire room and we sat around, sipped wine or mojitos (admittedly, many, many mojitoes were consumed), ate yummy things like seared scallops and poutine galvaude and escargot and bruschetta.
We laughed quite loudly and I, personally, had a lovely time.
One of my lovely friends bought me my very own "Wreck this Journal".
I had never actually looked inside a wreck this journal, had no idea what it was all about, but as soon as I started to read it, I realised how much I NEEDED this book.
My first act was to poke holes in one of the pages, with a pen. Followed closely by squashing a lime wedge and blueberry between another set of pages. I honestly cannot remember how many pages I completed last night...but it was so CATHARTIC!
I am so careful, in my life, to keep everything neat, tidy, looking perfect and this book gives you permission to mess it up...and to enjoy doing it!!
I arrived home to find P & L still awake at 10pm...they were baking me a cake because today is actually my birthday. So I let it go...and we wrecked a few pages in my was the first think Liam talked about this fun it was to wreck the made me realise that we need more destructive fun.
I am letting go...


Sara said...

Happy birthday! What a wonderful gift to receive. I am in the wrecking process myself right now and enjoying every bit of it. If you feel like it post some wrecking pictures... I'd love to see what destructive fun you are having. Or maybe we should just have tea one day and share with each other. :)

Have a great birthday! xx

Jo-Ann said...

Happy birthday Lisa! Glad you had such a wonderful evening, sad I had to miss it.

I am glad you are enjoying the wrecking process. I think everyone needs a little of that in their lives.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady!!

Sorry I missed out on all the fun. Darn soccer... ;o)

Enjoy the release!