Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Radical parenting

So... I read a fabulous article written by former Calgary AP Mama, Tabitha Tucker, someone I know, personally and whose quiet activism has inspired me.

A link to the article is here:

Tabitha, thanks for your honesty and for your example!!

For all you mothers out there who think being a stay at home mom is the easy, lazy way out, or that trusting your kids to someone else to raise them and teach them values is more respectable than the former... I challenge you to read this article.

For those who've read it, what do you think?


Vals Quilting said...
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Vals Quilting said...

thanks for sharing this article Li. Even though I don't have kids I totally appreciate the parents out there that live this way (as I do and I know you do). Growing up like we did (without a stay at home mom) we always wanted this and this (article) sure interprets our beliefs and how we want things in this world - well put!!