Sunday, April 11, 2010

Starting indoors.

Last year I gave in to my spring fever and started indoors in early March. You green thumbs know that is FAR too early for some plants and many of mine ended up spindly.

So far this year I've maintained control...but it is time. I will be starting seeds today!

Here's what I am planting:

Mini cukes

Tricolour Swiss Chard

Alpine Strawberries

Thumbelina Carrots

AND Strawberry Spinach. If you haven't heard of Strawberry spinach before, you aren't alone. This is the first year I have seen it in the seed store. It looks so lovely that I have to try it. Here's a blurb about it:

Strawberry Spinach
Description Chenopodium capitatum
50 days.
Unusual and doubly enjoyable first as an edible green and later, the berries. Triangular, pleasantly textured, green leaves have spiky edges and grow in attractive, open rosettes. Mature plants produce berry-like, 1/2 inch, enjoyably nutty, ruby-colored fruit. Plants are heat loving for an excellent addition to summer salads This is a very rare ancient vegetable dating back 400 years! It was rediscovered at old monasteries in Europe.

It is similar to Lamb's Quarters in habit, although smaller. Grows 1 1/2 Feet high. Triangular, toothed leaves are thinner than spinach, very nutritious and high in vitamins. The tender shoots are used in salads or cooked like spinach. But the real surprise is that at each leaf axle there is an abundance of sweet, strawberry-like fruits which some say resemble mulberries. Will reseed vigorously.

We are getting all geared up to build our raised beds. Still not 100% sure what they will look like, or even what we are doing, but we're having fun and growing our own food. More seeds to come!

What did YOU plant this year?

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Cherylg said...

Hello. Those spinach plants sound really good. If I remember, I am going to buy some of those seeds. Do they need deep soil and direct sunlight? I am limited to space and am growing alot of stuff in 6-8inch deep boxes that are located on the South and West side of where I live. The West side gets the late afternoon light and some evening. By the way, if you can get some old tires, you can plant a potatoe plant in them. You just layer the tires as the plant grows upward and add more dirt. In the fall, you just knock over the tires to get your potatoes. I REALLY want to try this. Oh ya someone just told me that if you get some bales of hay and you make it so that you can have dirt in them and plant stuff, you will get some pretty healthy growth. I would also like to try this.