Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Old Country Buffet - no longer a "Family" Restaurant

I just read an article on 'Woman, Unsensored' about a Minnesota "family" restaurant who kicked a woman out for breastfeeding her baby.


I encourage you to read the article and if you were offended by the violation of this woman and child's human rights, to write a letter to Old Country Buffet.

Also, if you were a breastfeeding mother, did you experience any type of "resistance"?

I remember breastfeeding my son, in the foyer, very discretely (completely covered with a large blanket) at our former church while the nursing room was being renovated. Another MOTHER came up to me and told me I was inappropriate and instruced me to go breastfeed in the handicapped washroom (even though there were several wheelchair-bound and/or elderly people in the building).

I refused and she left in a huff saying I was making people uncomfortable!

While I understand that not everyone is comfortable with breastfeeding, many women wear clothing more revealing than the amount of breast exposed when I breastfed. Nobody would dream of asking them to cover up, so who do some people think it is their right to ask a woman to leave the room to feed her baby?


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