Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kim and Aggie

Have you ever watched this pair? They are the famed British wonder duo that tackle what seems to be the houses of bachelors and hoarders in the UK in the attempt to teach these people to clean. Kim sports an updo and has no qualms about getting on her hands and knees to smell any stain and Aggie swabs every surface of a home for bacteria and lectures on the dangers.

The other night, sick Lisa and sick Alan layed on the couch and watched "How Clean is YOUR House"...BIG mistake.

Yesterday saw us vacuuming up a storm in our antihistamine-induced, nearly unconcious states. Alan had the bright idea to vacuum our mattress to see what comes out. We have a clear canister vacuum, you see, and my DEAR quirky husband LOVES to completely empty it and give things a good vacuuming...just to see how much he can vacuum up.

Please don't do this to is nightmare-inducing. We are now vacuuming our bed monthly...that's all I am saying about it...Eeeew.

So with our room vacuumed, dusted, sprayed with Sol-u-Guard and dusted some more, I have to say that is really IS a nicer place to sleep...even if we weren't living under 18 years of filth, dust and cobwebs.

On second hand...maybe you SHOULD watch the show with your husband... it made Alan realise how good a housekeeper I really am...;)

Kim & Aggie... eat your hearts out!


Angela said...

This is a great show. There is another one from England (although BBC Canada hasn't aired it lately) called 'The Perfect Housewife' that I really, really liked! Hubby thought I was nuts for watching it, but I actually got a lot of hints/tips for doing certain things.

Mama J. said...

I had no idea, for instance, that you could shine wood furniture by mixing olive oil and lemon juice!

Or clean grease off the windows with water and cornstarch.

Those Brits!

Kris said...

We used to watch these ladies in the UK when we were there. Hoarding is a big problem in the UK for some odd reason. I loved them!! BTW...don't ever buy a Dyson and THEN vaccum your mattress...think triple what you got out! EW.