Saturday, April 4, 2009


Anyone have headaches?? Migraines?

I used to get them a lot before the boys. Apparently pregnancy and lactation does something to your hormones that often reduces the number of headached you experience. This was true for me and I don't believe I had one bad headache for the 5 years I was either pregnant or breastfeeding.

It has been 18 months since Liam weaned and in the past year my migraines have crept back in.

I found an amazing chiropractor - Dr. Rob that keeps my back and neck in good shape. I have not had a migraine since October! Even during the chinooks, etc, the worst I had was a mild headache.

This morning, however, I woke with a throbbing behind my left eye. I have taken medication, to no avail... the throbbing continues. The worst things is that Dr. Rob is closed until Monday morning (must find his personal address). I think I would rather be perpetually pregnant and nursing than feel like this.

Any secret migraine cures out there?? Do you have migraines?


Angela said...

Sorry to hear that! I used to get migraines, until I started seeing a deep tissue massage therapist. Within a few weeks, they were gone. I haven't had many headaches or migraines since, although I'm sure my shoulders could use a once over.

I hope it gets better soon!

Jo-Ann said...

I have a friend who gets migraines really badly and chinooks are one of her triggers.

Sorry no advice, only hope you are feeling better already.

Mama J. said...

I actually am feeling much better. We went for a 3k hike by the river at Edworthy park and I felt much better afterward.

I also think the sunshine is never allowed to be gloomy again this year...I have decided...;)

Jennifer said...

Glad your feeling better Lisa! No advice here either. I get them rather badly around Chinooks as well. Maybe I will have to start seeing a chiro as well.

Jenn M said...

I have a pretty strong script for them when they just begin.
I didn't know about the Chiropractor though, that would be good.