Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Fever

Ok...so, how about a little sunshine in view of my recently gloomy rantings and ramblings?

I am DYING for green grass. The paperwhites on my windowsill have grown and blossomed (Alan couldn't stand the smell so he cut all the blooms off...lol), the boys planted tiny patches of green grass, I have been sprouting alfalfa.


I am itching to visit sunnyside and plan my garden for this year.

Last year we planted a few new things that I absolutely LOVED. Purple Morning Glories, Scarlett Runner Beans and purple potatoes. While our harvest was less than bountiful, the boys enjoyed watching everything grow and loved picking beans off the vine and digging out the potatoes at year end.

This year I think we will double up and plant twice as many seeds. We have chain link fencing and it makes the perfect trellis for climbing plants and veggies.

A personal favorite that I think we will plant this year are sweet peas. I purchased a packet of a beautiful varigated multi-coloured variety and am just waiting for the Mother's Day weekend to plant them.

So...do you garden? Veggies, flowers or both? What are YOUR favourites? Any hints you want to share? Are you dying to get your hands dirty?

I think we will take a little drive to sunnyside, just for a green fix.


Jo-Ann said...

I have decided to plant sweet peas this year too. It drives me nuts when the boys climb the lattice up from the yard onto the deck so I am going to plant them there. lol

I have also decided to plant some veggies. The boys decided on carrots, lettuce, peas and broccoli. Not sure if you can even grow broccoli here... did I mention I do not have a green thumb but rather a black thumb as most of what I plant dies.

The boys told me last week that they do NOT want summer to come. Not enough fun things to do in summer and you CAN'T toboggan in the summer. lol

Urbane Ones said...

HAHAHA...leave it to your boys...I agree that there are some intersting things to do in the winter...Alan the boys made an igloo in our yard (I think Alan liked it the most...lol).

My BIL grows broccoli...it needs a lot of light, but if you look around for a variety that is hardy, you should do fine!

Pease grow really well in a pot with a trellis (like an oblisk)...I couldn't stop them from picking them...it was their outdoor snack...:)

Sara said...

Each year I get more and more into gardening. Outside we do onions, beans, carrots, strawberries, raspberries, squash and cucumbers. Also flowers of all sorts. I have started indoor gardening this year too. Have the herbs going and some lettuce that I am going to leave inside. It's kind of an experiment,so we'll see how it gos.