Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Taste of my own medicine

I have to make a confession; I rarely have a massage.

I know. It is ironic... especially considering that I am a massage therapist and am constantly counselling people on self care.

I went, today, for a massage. I found a clinic that provides childcare.

It was excruciating. Seriously... my rhomboids are so tender right now that the soft, well-padded couch hurts.

I am a wimp. I hate painful massages and I try to never inflict pain on people. I try to coax muscles into relaxation... never force them.

The lovely, well-intentioned girl that massaged me today seemed to hit every tender spot I have (and there are a lot of them)... on those that are particularly tender she used her thumbs and knuckles.

Why can't I find a massage therapist that's gentle? One that gently coaxes my muscles into giving in? One that uses heat and stretching and repetition?

In short...why can't I find me?

I know that I sound completely self-absorbed right now...but it is a known fact that most massage therapists massage the way that they like to be massaged.

I just want to be massaged to sleep and wake up loose and that too much to ask??

Anyone have a great therapist they want to share?


Jo-Ann said...

Sorry, no names to give you but I agree, I like to be massaged to sleep and wake up refreshed.

Good luck in your quest!

Angela said...

You most certainly would not like mine LOL. Mind you, he said I had the second worst shoulders he had ever seen... soooooo tight! I would be in pain for days, but a few weeks into it my migraines stopped.