Saturday, April 18, 2009


I am SO enjoying the beautiful sunshine streaming through my window today. It finally feels like spring and I am SO ready for this!

I've decided to transplant my beets and carrots into two large terracotta pots. The greens will look pretty for the next two or three months and when they are big enough...we can start pulling them out!

We have been spring cleaning, de-junking and organizing in anticipation of a new fmily member!

Yes, we are anxiously awaiting news of a 7 year old girl who will hopefully be joining our family in the next few months.

Please say a little prayer for us that everything will fall into place and she will be where she needs to be and have a stable, happy life.


Amber said...

Are you adopting? Fostering? That is so exciting!

If you are fostering or adopting, I'd love to hear how you got into it, etc.

Praying for ya!


Mama J. said...

She is our neice and our only stipulation is that she be with us until she is back and forth.

So it is Kinship fostering (with hope of adopting).

Jennifer said...

Best of luck to you guys!
What a wonderful home to be welcomed into!

Sara said...

Positive thoughts that all works out well. What a lucky little girl to be coming into your loving home.

Angela said...

What a wonderful, and hard, decision to make! I too have been enjoying the sunshine that is pouring down.

fullfreezer said...

Good luck with everything. I hope all goes smoothly.

Jenn M said...

That is very exciting/scary/awesome news. Good luck!

Mon said...

Not sure how I made it here, but here I am.

Hope it all goes well taking in your niece, sounds like you are pretty great people to do that.

Amber said...

Wow, that is such a great thing to do. I hope things are going smoothly in regard to that!